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Dealing With Challenging Patrons: Safety and Security At Our Library (webinar)

Competency: Laws, Policies and Procedures

Sub-Category: Creates policies and practices to ensure safety and

Spend an hour with one of
the nation's leading experts on library safety and security.

 Dr. Steve Albrecht
has trained thousands of library employees on the do's and don'ts of handling
challenging, entitled, odd, or even threatening patrons, including the
homeless, mentally ill, gang members, thieves, Internet hogs, and others who
want to disrupt the library.

This popular program
offers practical and realistic tools which will make your facility a better,
safer place to work. Enjoy Steve's real-life experiences as a law enforcement
officer, mixed with his use of humor.

In this program, you'll learn
safe workplace behaviors, security measures, and how to activate your "high-
risk" customer service skills.

SERLS Enhanced Member Libraries: $0.00

All Other Libraries: $15.00

Thursday, April 13, 2017 -
14:00 to 15:00

Implementing a 3D Printing Program @ Your Library (webinar)

Competency: Technology

Sub-Topic: Formulates and implements an ongoing technology
planning process


idea of having a 3D printer at your library can be overwhelming. You
be asking yourself questions like:
can we afford it?
can our patrons benefit?
does a 3D printer even work? I am not tech


be afraid! Even though 3D printing can be intimidating, you don't have to be a
tech guru to implement a 3D printing program at your library. In this fun and
 informative session, learn
from start to finish
ins and outs of 3D printing! 


this interactive webinar program, attendees will learn:



How to identify your
community's 3D printing needs


How to pick out the
right 3D printer for your library
thinking about budget limitations)


How to create a user


How to implement 3D
printing into programs and outreach


About the risks and future
of 3D printing


SERLS Enhanced Member Libraries: $0.00

All Other Libraries: $15.00

Thursday, April 6, 2017 -
14:00 to 15:00

What Are They Saying Behind Your Back? Candidate Experience Counts! (webinar)

Competency: Personnel Management

Sub-Category: Contributes to a productive workforce through effective recruitment and

Ever have a bad experience at a store?

How quickly do you
write a bad review on Google or tell your friends about your experience?

Candidates are doing the same thing every day when they have a bad experience
during the hiring process. It all happens without your knowledge. Unless you
take action.

What are your candidates saying about your organization?

We need to care about what candidates say on social

It is a reflection on your entire system and can affect everything from funding
to attendance.

Let's consider the hiring process as a reflection of your
organization's values and make sure you are sending the right message to
candidates who are also your customers.

In this fun and interactive session, you will learn how

  • Measure
    candidate experience
  • Set
    goals based on your organization's values
  • Prioritize
    and implement changes to improve the candidate experience


SERLS Member Libraries: $0.00

All Other Libraries: $15.00

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 -
10:30 to 11:30