Issues and Trends

4 Ways to Maintain Calm and Make Decisions Under Pressure (webinar)

Competency: Personal/Interpersonal

Sub-Category: Anticipates
stressful situations (fear, conflict, negativity, complacency) and applies
strategies to address it

Work environments are
not always easy to handle.

 There are deadlines to meet, people to report to,
projects to arrange, changes to implement and a variety of other elements to
navigate. All of that can lead to stress and overwhelm and possibly even chaos. 

While you may not be able to change what goes on around you, the good news is
you can learn how to maintain your calm in the middle of any chaos and how to
make sound decisions under pressure.

In this session, you
will learn easy ways to do just that as well as tips on how to keep your stress
from building up in the first place.


SERLS Enhanced Member Libraries: $0.00

All Other Libraries: $15.00

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 -
22:30 to 23:30

Weeding 101: What to Keep, What to Toss, and What to Replace (webinar)

Competency: Collection
Development and Management

Sub-Category: Develops
policies for weeding the collection, handling donations and gifts, and
disposing of obsolete materials


Deselection is an integral part of
collection management, but often falls to the side in the busy world of planning
programs, serving patrons and day to day operations. Eliminating outdated, worn,
or trivial items can not only improve circulation, but maximize the impact of
your collection on the community.


this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase will give you a variety of
tools that you will be able to use to:

Maintain the quality
and relevance of your collection through ongoing evaluation including use
of the CREW method

  • Identify items
    for acquisition and deselection

  • Developing
    policies for the withdraw and disposal of materials

is the less glamorous side of collection management. It can be a tricky task. 

What goes? 

What stays? 

What if I need that some day?

Yet, weeding is critically
important for a vibrant, quality collection. This dose of simple, practical
guidelines with specific criteria will inspire a fresh take on your collection.


SERLS Member Libraries: $0.00

All Other Libraries: $15.00

Thursday, July 20, 2017 -
14:00 to 15:00

Best of the 2017 American Library Association Conference (Find Out What You Missed) (webinar)

 Competency: Personal/Interpersonal Competencies

Shares knowledge
gained through professional discussions, conferences, formal courses and
informal channels with colleagues


It was a fun,
action filled week at the ALA Conference in Chicago this year! Did you attend?


Whether you went
to the American Library Association conference or not, we've got you covered!
Andrew Sanderbeck and his special guests will report back the Best of ALA and
have plenty of resources and information for you to use in your work.


Join us for an
interactive and informative hour and keep up to date on the latest happenings
from ALA!


SERLS Enhanced Member Libraries: $0.00

All Other Libraries: $15.00

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 -
22:30 to 23:30