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Own It: Leadership Redefined Through Employee Engagement (webinar)

Competency: Organizational Leadership

Sub-Category: Uses an
inclusive, open and transparent approach to leading others

Employee engagement trumps customer engagement . every
single time!

The relationship you build
with your employees is more important than the relationship you build with your

Yes, I just said that.

Think about it! In today's world it is not
your product or service that is growing your organization, it's the experience
your customers tweet and post about.

The path to organizational growth is
through employee engagement.

In this program your leaders will discover why engaging
today's employees is different, how to build a culture that makes the best and
the brightest want to beat a path to your door.

How to use employee engagement
as the ultimate competitive advantage. Happy employees deliver great customers
service & happy customers come back time after time!

At the conclusion of
webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand
    why employee engagement is key to success
  • Why
    today's employees are different; how engaging them has changed
  • The
    one and only strategy you need as a leader
  • Your
    personal plan of action to ensure you build a culture that inspires
    ownership at every level to get results at every turn

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 -
10:30 to 11:30

How to Write for the Library Press (and Make Editors Love You) (webinar)

Competency:  Learning and Innovation

 Manages the
development of one's own learning and ongoing improvement of skills and


you long to write something for a professional publication?

Are you eager to
contribute to the library literature?

If you have your content idea, but don't
know how to pitch it or where to start, this webinar will guide you.

from someone who's worked in library publishing for 20+ years. During that time,
Kathy Dempsey has edited various books and worked on
Computers in Libraries magazine for more than a decade; she's also
been the editor of
Marketing Library
newsletter for 23 years and counting.

She's published articles in Searcher magazine, Information World Review (in the U.K.), Information Outlook (SLA), and has written for various websites and

Kathy will share her insider knowledge on book, magazine, newsletter,
newspaper, and online publishing to help you get bylines.

what you'll learn in this webinar:


to choose which publication to pitch your idea to

to approach an editor with an idea

editors look for, expect, and respect

to write solid proposals for articles and books

proposals are evaluated and chosen

to expect from the publishing process

difference between writing for print and for online

pitfalls of group authorship

and Don'ts for working with the library press

Please note: This session is not geared toward academic

If you want to publish in peer-reviewed journals, many of these tips
will still benefit you, but that process is different and will not be
specifically addressed during this hour.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2017 -
10:30 to 11:30

Horizon Reports 2017: Transforming Information Into Action (webinar)

Competency: Staff Training and

Sub-Category: Develops and
implements a culture that embraces ongoing learning

(New Media Consortium) Horizon Project education-technology reports remain a
source of inspiration and call t
o action worldwide.

The back-to-back release of
two new reports (2017 Higher Education and Library editions) ­provides us with
an opportunity to review ed-tech trends, challenges, and key developments with
an eye toward finding ways to apply that first-rate content to our own
training-teaching-learning offerings for staff and other library users.

a Flipped Classroom model approach, we'll have links to the two latest reports
posted here at least two weeks before this highly-interactive webinar begins so
participants can skim the brief executive summaries and one-page infographics
that provide concise overviews.

The live webinar will include brief summaries
of key findings in the report and include plenty of time for participants to
compare their own workplace-based observations and develop rudimentary action
plans for using those findings to the benefit of those they serve.

by the time they leave the session, will:

  • Be able to demonstrate familiarity with at least
    three tech trends, three tech challenges, and three critically important
  • Identify at least three ways that colleagues in
    libraries are using the technologies under discussion
  • Have at least two resources they can explore to
    increase their knowledge of tech trends and challenges
note: Although the Library Edition focuses specifically on academic and
research libraries, the discussion will take a more inclusive view to apply the
findings to public and other libraries.

Those who
want to take advantage of the Flipped Classroom-model approach are encouraged
to skim/view the following resources before attending the session:
Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition"
NMC (New
Media Consortium)

Horizon Report: 2017 Library Edition"

NMC (New
Media Consortium)

Links to a
brief preview video for each edition will b
e also  posted here as soon as they
are available.

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All Other Libraries: $15.00

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 -
10:30 to 11:30