The Art of Saying No to Patrons (archived webinar)

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Personal/Interpersonal Competencies

Sub-Category: Customer


Perhaps you've heard the myth that since
the customer is always right, you have to say yes to whatever they want.


News flash! Not only is the customer not
always right, there are certainly times when you can and should say no.


But even though the customer is not always
right, they are always "the customer." Interactions with users require
trust, respect and focus on the needs of the individual. When we incorporate
those aspects of service into our interactions, we develop loyalty. And in
today's "I can find it elsewhere"-world, loyalty is at a premium.


In this fast-paced one-hour webinar
program, Linda Bruno will help you determine when it's appropriate to use that
vital little word. Even more important, you'll learn how
to say no in a way
that maintains the loyalty you've worked so hard to earn.


We will discuss:


  • Situations that may require a "no"

  • Specific ways to present the "no" so your customer is more
    likely to accept it

  • What to do when the "necessary no" results in an unhappy

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Online Course
Friday, December 13, 2019 (All day)