De-Escalating Difficult COVID-19 Customer Behaviors (archived webinar)


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As organizations are reopening, they are finding customers that are looking for a new audience to express their anger and frustrations about their feelings of a loss of normalcy and continued uncertainty. Because of that, dealing with individuals who are angry, non-compliant, and even hostile can and will likely become an everyday occurrence.


How you respond to their behaviors is often the key to de-escalating these situations and protecting yourself when a customer is losing control.


In this interactive and informative program attendees will learn eight customer de-escalation tips and specific verbal intervention techniques including proven verbiage to use with customers that are violating your organization's code of conduct and endangering your employees' safety.


Areas of customer behaviors to be addressed in this webinar include:


  • Not wanting to wear a mask or not willing to socially distance
  • Verbally or physically threatening an employee or customer
  • Spitting on an employee or customer
  • Non-compliance and other unwanted behaviors
  • Wanting to argue and to "be right" that you are wrong


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