Sort It Out!: Using In-House Classification Systems to Maximize Comics and Graphic Novels (LIVE webinar)


This is a LIVE webinar available from our training partners People Connect Institute.  

Do you struggle to keep your comics collection organized?

Comics, graphic novels, and manga that are organized by traditional library classification systems, like Dewey, can become unwieldly and difficult for patrons to find specific items or even browse.

Learn how creating an in-house classification system can provide a perfect solution to raise your comics circulations, as well as some cataloging and merchandising tips.


Learning Objectives:


  • A brief overview of comics, graphic novels, and what makes them so unique and challenging to organize

  • Learn examples of in-house classification systems for comics from other libraries across the country and how to adapt those ideas for your library

  • Learn about best practices for cataloging and access to comics



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Online Course
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