A Dungeon Master in the Library: Women, Libraries, and Role-playing Games (archived webinar)


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Do you have Dungeons & Dragons books in your stacks? 

The popularity of a fantasy game from the 70's might not be on your radar, but it definitely should be and I'm here to tell you why. 

Live-streaming shows with millions of viewers like Critical Role and Adventure Zone and the prevalence of D&D in fictional shows like Stranger Things have brought role-playing games (RPGs) back into the spotlight.

It's not just guys hiding in their mom's basement playing all night at a card table with caffeine and sugar to fuel them. More people than ever are playing due to a 2014 revamp, making D&D more inclusive, along with other innovative and creative systems that allow people of all ages an easy entry into a game.

Whether it fits into your library's budget, or not, role-playing games have a multitude of benefits for the people that play them.

In this webinar, I will help you understand what RPGs are and why you should advocate to include them in your library collections and programs.

I will also share some great resources that allow easy access to you and your patrons. I'm a champion of RPGs and I want you to be too! 

You will learn:

  • A short history of RPGs, women that are at the forefront of their renaissance, and new and popular publications adding amazing depth to the world of role-play gaming
  • Some of the many benefits of playing an RPG and how that can be a strength for your library
  • How to access free and low cost materials for starting your own campaign or library program
  • Where to find RPG support and how-tos when you need them

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