A Guide to Understanding the Body Language of Others (archived webinar)

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This is an archived webinar available from our training partner People Connect Institute

This particular online experience is a mere 60 minutes in length.  Easy to fit into your busy schedule.  


Looking for a better understanding of Body Language?

In this program, you'll discover how posture, gestures, facial expression, and feet (yes, feet) play a vital role in the underlying feelings behind a person's body language. 

To help you decode the emotions behind the actions, Mj divides body language into four categories: head, facial, upper body, and lower body. 


You'll also hear how your silent communication can impact others. 

Through an interactive body language activity, you'll be able to pinpoint the reasons behind the negative actions.

(A downloadable body language infographic will be available.) 

You'll Learn About:

  • Recognizing the overlooked signals of body language 
  • Understanding negative body language gives a clue to underlying emotions 
  • Leveraging your positive nonverbal communication to shift other's negative actions 

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