Customer Service AMA (Ask Me Anything): Expand Your Customer Service Skills (LIVE webinar)


This is a LIVE webinar available from our training partners People Connect Institute.  

Do you find interactions with customers to be one of the bigger challenges and delights of working in your library? 

Customer behaviors run the scale from pleasant to neutral to well, outrageously bad. And for the people working in customer service and those that supervise and manage them, working with the public can indeed be as Forest Gump said "like a box of never know what you're going to get." 


Participants in this interactive webinar will learn customer service tips and tricks from Andrew and will share among themselves. Topics for discussion include:


.        Specific verbiage to use with customers

.        The "new and better ways" to ask 'Can I Help You?'

.        Approaches to working with challenging customer situations

.        Ways to improve the customer experience

.        How to stay fresh and refresh in a customer service position

.        Ways to build customer relationships

Cost: SERLS Members $0

All other libraries : $15.00

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Online Course
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