How to Run an Ethics Audit of Your Library Organization (archived webinar)


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Competency: Library Management

Sub-Category: Ethics 

Library ethics include issues of privacy, transparency, fairness, and access to information. 

These lofty issues translate into policies and procedures that need to be taken seriously. 


  • Not speaking about customer borrowing habits, 
  • not exempting privileged insiders from paying fines, 
  • and ensuring that the older library user with dimming vision and bad knees is as welcome as the fit and flexible teenager (regarding books on the bottom shelves).

In this program, you'll learn about typical "ethics" mistakes and take a library ethics quiz. How well will your library do?

At the conclusion of webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Know how four basic library ethical principles translate into ethical staff behavior
  • Evaluate library operations for ethical issues, from how your finances are audited to how stakeholders have input into collection development
  • Review how Florida open meeting laws impact their library's operation 

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Online Course
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