Reasoning with the Unreasonable Patron: 6 Secrets for Making It Work (archived webinar)

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This is an archived webinar available from our training partners People Connect Institute.  

Unreasonable people can ruin a good day. 

In truth, you can't reason with someone unreasonable, and you can't change their behavior. 

You can, however, control your behavior and steer theirs in a better direction. 

Discover techniques that can help you better manage the situation and preserve your sanity.

 It starts with you recognizing difficult behavior, you remaining calm and controlled, and a few tactics that de-escalate tense situations. 

As a result of this program, attendees will be able to:


         Explain 3 ways they can maintain their calm during a tense exchange 

         Name 6 things they can do to deescalate a heated conversation 


Cost: No charge to SERLS member libraries

$15.00...All other libraries.