Welcoming Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons to Your Library (LIVE webinar)


This is a LIVE webinar available from our training partners People Connect Institute.  

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders One in eight people in the United States (13 percent, or 30 million) aged 12 years or older has hearing loss in both ears.

In this interactive program, you'll learn tips for communicating with deaf and hard of hearing patrons, information about American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, and even some basic ASL vocabulary to introduce yourself and help patrons navigate the library.


As a result of this program, attendees will:


        Describe 3 strategies for communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing

        Introduce yourself and greet someone in American Sign Language

        Describe 3 types of accommodations libraries may provide for deaf and hard of hearing patrons and in what situations they would be used

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Online Course
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